This is going to be a quick post where I’m going to try out a couple of things in my blog formatting learning curve. My friend Kenton sent me this site because he knows that I have a very strong interest (ie. I am a total geek) in FRANKENSTEIN related things because I’m working on a FRANKENSTEIN book project. I’m not going to talk about that here and now. Those of you who know me, kindly refrain from spilling the beans here.

Anyway, here is Kenton and my first “blocktext” effort.

Here’s a link to a great blog covering 70’s horror paperbacks, film,
etc. So many great covers!. Ahh, the memories of Popular Library’s
‘Frankenstein Horror’ series… The only one I still have is THE NIGHT
OF THE WOLF by Frank Belknap Long, of all people. I might have to go a-lookin’ for these. There are a lot of neat-o Frankenstein-related titles in here, too (of course whether they were great reads is debatable).

In addition to that, here is the extra-groovy link to the FRANKENSTEIN page…

And here is my favorite Mike Ploog cover of all time…

Monster of Frankenstein #2
Oh my god! It worked. I’m sorry, but I’m really freaking happy that image graft worked.I’m still baby stepping here and you coders can all go screw.At any rate, now you know what one of my other obsessions is. Feel free to forward me cool FRANKENSTEIN stuff as you find it. And in return I will, I dunno. I’ll think of something.

– Barney

Bitsandpieces, PA.

Now if I could figure how to rename links I would be an even happier camper…