A response to the Bush Secret Service article going around…

Okay – this will probably get me dropped by one or two folks but nevertheless, here we go.

Below and between the asterisks you will find an article that has been making the rounds in the Truth Movement. I received it about 5 times today. If you have not read it, please do. IF YOU HAVE READ IT, please skip to my response at the bottom.

I really do understand the impulse to jump on this sort of thing and shout “police state, police state!” etc. But, well, read my response.


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Date: Oct 14, 2006 12:19 PM

If you had any doubt, any thought that you were just TOO paranoid, let this dispell those doubts. Big Brother IS watching and much more evidently.

Credible threat? Feds question teen over Web page
By LAUREL ROSENHALL and RYAN LILLIS – The Sacramento Bee – 10/14/06
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The latest Sacramento resident to be questioned by federal agents for threatening President Bush is a 14-year-old girl with a heart on her backpack and braces on her teeth, a freckle-nosed adolescent who is passionate about liberal politics and cute movie stars.

Her name is Julia Wilson, and she learned a vivid civics lesson Wednesday when two Secret Service agents pulled her out of biology class to ask about comments and images she posted on MySpace.

Beneath the words ”Kill Bush,” Wilson posted a cartoonish photo-collage of a knife stabbing the hand of the President. It was one of a few images Wilson said she used to decorate an anti-Bush Web page she moderated on MySpace, the social networking Web site that is hugely popular among teenagers.

The Secret Service refused to answer questions about the case or even confirm an investigation. Eric Zahren, a Secret Service spokesman, said the agency does not discuss its work ”due to the sensitivity of our mission.”

But Wilson’s mother, Kirstie Wilson, and an assistant principal at McClatchy High said two agents showed them badges stating they were with the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Federal law prohibits making true threats against the President, and Julia and her parents say what she did was wrong.

The couple are disturbed however, that federal agents questioned a child at school — without her parents present. And First Amendment lawyers question whether the Secret Service over-reacted to a 14-year-old’s comments on a Web site made for casual socializing.

”I don’t condone what she did but it seems a little over the top to me,” said Julia’s father, Jim Moose. ”You’d think they could look at the situation and determine that she’s not a credible threat.”

Here is how Julia Wilson’s family tells their story:

Two Secret Service agents arrived at their home around 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, Kirstie Wilson said. They told her they wanted to speak with her daughter about threats to the President that she had posted on MySpace.

”She was in molecular biology and I said I really didn’t want to take her out of class for this,” Kirstie Wilson said. ”I said I’d make sure she came right home from school.”

She asked the agents to come back in an hour, and they left.

Then Wilson sent her daughter a text message instructing her to come straight home from school.

”… there are two men from the secret service that want to talk with you. Apparently you made some death threats against president bush. Dont worry youre not going to jail or anything like that but they take these things very seriously these days,” Kirstie Wilson wrote.

”Are you serious!?!? omg. Am I in a lot of trouble”? her daughter replied, using common text message shorthand for ”Oh my god.”

Kirstie Wilson called her husband. While they were on the phone, she received another text message from her daughter: ”They took me out of class.”

It was a 15- to 20-minute interview, Julia said. Agents asked her about her father’s job, her e-mail address, and her social security number. They asked about the MySpace page she had created last year as an eighth-grader at Sutter Middle School.

”I told them I just really don’t agree with Bush’s politics,” Julia said Thursday. ”I don’t have any plans of harming Bush in any way. I’m very peaceful, I just don’t like Bush.”

The MySpace page under question was a group page, similar to an online club.

OH MY GOD! The Brownshirts are here. It is NOT a threat but a reality.





[I’ve omitted the name of the first person I addressed this letter to so they don’t have to take my heat.]

You know I saw this story coming at least a year ago. And the sad part is I’m sort of on the side of the Secret Service.

In case it needs saying – I despise this administration, everyone still working for it and all of its policies, foreign & domestic.

But “zero tolerance” is really the only way to handle that job. If it was a President we liked (or, at least could tolerate) I’d want them to be just as zealous.

And making a teenage girl cry for a couple of minutes for threatening the life of the President (or anybody for that matter) isn’t like tossing her in Gitmo and taking away her habeus rights.

It’s actually a rare example of a “measured” response. Fifteen minutes to check on a presidential death threat is serious slack compared to what these guys CAN do.

Another example I might give was I deleted some IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE song from my page for advocating the same thing. I understand the impulse to write those songs but if you give it a platform it looks like “advocacy” to the Secret Service and I like the idea of being able to fly when I want to.

This might seem like “caving in” to pressure but not having your life threatened is a basic human right that I’m even willing to say Bush deserves. But just barely – and only on a technicality.

– Dannelke

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