I have a friend named Henry.

Although he has his own site or sites showcasing his art and thoughts, which I’ll be providing links for, Henry is also, like so many of us these days, a forwarding fiend. Some of the stuff he forwards to me and posts to the net is of a sexual or political nature. If you are easily offended by sex and politics then much of Henry’s “content” may not be for you. This is my only blanket warning. You were told. Comments are fine. Outrage or “mock” outrage will probably be mocked in return. Other than that, fire away. I find reactions to Henry almost as fascinating as I find Henry.
For starters, here are links to a VERY old website of Henry’s that he had apparently forgotten even existed that he sent me yesterday. I hereby slap it up on my blog as a way of fighting webrot and furthering the reproductive capacity of a very creative person, or meme, or both. Enjoy.The quote by Hall at the end is Henry’s sig. – Barney

Here’s Henry;

From my very first website made something like 10 years ago!

I can’t believe it’s still up and running.

The art is all shitty and primitive with the exception of the sketches.

Enjoy the intro…
Click the image to advance.

Manly P. Hall – The Secret Teachings of All Ages:
Man is essentially a permanent and immortal principle; only his bodies pass through the cycle of birth and death. The immortal is the reality; the mortal is the unreality. During each period of earth life, reality thus dwells in unreality, to be liberated from it temporarily by death and permanently by illumination.


in response to this my friend “M” writes;

You are mad, and I’m still on the fence re: whether that’s “in a good way” or “keep you away from my wife and pets” way.

I do like the sketches. You are a Basil Wolverton fan, I hope? -M


And there you go. I’ll be adding to the PRECARIOUS posts categories as the good stuff comes in.

– Barney


And less than 24 hours later Henry sent me this;


Nice. I’ll have to start working on my /real/ site.

Have some recent music:

This is the project I was doing with Gus Fink.




Some slightly more recent art.