I could not help but notice that USA Today, with 50+ years of Rosa Parks file photos to choose from, opted to go with her 1956 mugshot for their Rosa Parks is dead memorium article. Let’s not give the woman a little dignity a day after her death. Hell no.

 I do realize the historical signifigance of the photo. I’m simply saying that I’d use that if I were doing an article with perhaps 3 photos. Not just the one. Using that alone, and having that be the Google “go to” photo, says to me that things haven’t changed as much as we would sometimes like to think.

 Certainly that feeling was reinforced last night when I was in my local drinking establishment for some much needed live music and got to listen to some of my “liberal” friends hold forth on their feelings about Ms. Parks after one too many beers. Scratch the surface around here and it becomes “Pennsyltucky” mighty quick. Sad.

 The bizarre bookend to the Rosa Parks mugshot was Tom Delay’s mugshot plastered all over the media. I couldn’t help but think of Warren Ellis’ THE SMILER from TRANSMETROPOLITAN. That book gets more prescient by the week. If only I could get a bowel disruptor gun, life synching with art would be so much more worthwhile.


 – Barney Dannelke  10/26/05