Well, It’s 3:17PM in the afternoon on a nice fall Saturday and sane people are all out consuming and walking their dogs. Part of me wants to make some grand sweeping statement or announce a projected schedule or at least list some intentions for this blog.

  I think that would just be asking for it. So, here is a very short list of things you may find me blogging about. I am hardly limited to these things but it’s a jumping off point.


Mark Twain 

Harlan Ellison

Hunter S. Thompson

James Ellroy

T.C. Boyle

Mary Shelley [particularly FRANKENSTEIN]


The antiquarian book trade.

Comics and Comix.

Horror and Science Fiction. Fantasy, not so much.


Yes, I would imagine so. If you’re a big Coulter or Hitchens fan I’d probably leave now.  


Nothing is off topic but this holds no appeal for me and it’s my blogspace so take it outside. Unless I’m talking about Twain or the Invisible Spaghetti Monster. Twain would have  loved the I.S.M.


 Hetero, since you asked, but I’ve written three columns for the PA. based magazine GAYDAR. The first is about the crossovers between straight culture, gay culture and comic book geek culture. This is on newstands right now. The next is an article about gay horror fiction and the panel regarding it at this years 2005 World Horror Convention. The third will be an article about the history of SLASH fiction. If you don’t know what SLASH fiction is, ask your lesbian Aunt.

Once rights revert back to me, I’ll be archiving those columns here.

I’ve been posting on the net in public and private forums since the early 1990’s. Instead of a straight up forward looking diary/journal I hope to use this space as a way of archiving some of the stuff I’ve babbled on about which otherwise is scattered to the internet winds.

 Like life, and that junk drawer in the kitchen, this is a work in progress.  

 – Barney Dannelke